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F a q s

Are you available for my wedding?

I sure hope so! My availability is limited and spots fill up super quick! I have a calendar on my home page that shows my availability so check that out to see! Keep in mind: I am currently focusing on budgets over $3000 right now because I just had a baby! Eep! If you are a close family or friend, the $3000 doesn't apply so send me a dm on instagram or email me and we can work out the details!

How far in advance should I order wedding flowers?

Wedding flower inquiries for Rose + Thyme should be-at the VERY least-3 months in advance, though much more time is appreciated and encouraged. The process of planning your vision, figuring out pricing, ordering needed supplies, and getting the flowers you want shipped in specifically for your order is tedious and takes a lot of time!  
If you are needing flowers and you don’t have that much time left, reach out to Rosie Rue Floral Co.! There we can take care of you and your needs with a wedding that is coming up soon! 

What can I expect to spend on flowers?

Prices vary a LOT depending on wedding size, wedding party, reception location etc. 
As for right now, I am only doing weddings with budgets over $3000 or weddings for close family and friends as I navigate life as a new mom! If you don't fall in that category, check out Rosie Rue Floral Co. as this is where all of my employees are personally trained in my style and can give you flowers at a price you are looking for! 
 Pricing can vary a bit based on what you are wanting! If you would like additional info on pricing and are interested in learning more, sign up for a free consultation and a general price guide will be sent your way!

How do I talk to Rose and Thyme about doing my flowers?

The best way is to sign up for a free consultation found throughout my website. Make sure to sign up for the consultation with Katie the owner! From there, you will receive an email with a general price guide, a questionnaire, and a square appointment calendar where you can set up a time to chat with me over the phone! If you have any questions, feel free to dm me on Instagram or email me! (that info is found in the contact section)  
Before we meet, I also would ask that you check out Rose and Thyme Floral on Pinterest and find a couple inspo pics you really like and send them before we chat! 

When and where do I pick up?

I have a pickup and delivery guide I send to you a week or so before the wedding, that will give you all the info! Please read through that- it answers a TON of frequent questions there! Also! Don’t forget to answer the questions sent in the email I give you! There you can tell me what time works best for you for pickup!  
If you are picking up, search Rosie Rue by Rose + Thyme on google maps! Check the pickup guide for the address! Enter through the south doors and we will be that first door on your right inside!

How do I keep the flowers fresh and looking good?

Water is KEY. Keep them in cold water AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Driving to and from places, or when you aren’t using it are great times to shove that beautiful bouquet in water to keep it lookin fresh;) Literally any time you can put it in water, do it! 
With boutonnieres, corsages, and flower crowns, they have no water source, so putting them back in the box and spraying them with water before the reception is a good way to keep it fresh. A LOT of groom boutonnieres are DESTROYED after the ceremony before the reception from lots of hugs, I always tell my brides to consider getting two for at least the groom! 
If you are picking up the night before or have a while before usage: Fridges are usually okay for flowers, but sometimes can be too cold! Flowers like it best between 34 and 36 degrees. So, if your fridge is too cold or you don’t have enough room, place the flowers out of direct sunlight and somewhere cool as much as possible leading up to the event. 

I have seen you do floral preservation- how do I learn more about that?

Click on the preservation link on my menu to see more! White Poppy Preservation is our business that works with all non Rose + Thyme brides, but if you are working with me personally to do your wedding florals, you will get a special discount on your pressed florals and I will personally be pressing and framing them! 

I am interested in working at Rose + Thyme and would like to apply for a job, are you hiring?

As of right now, Rose + Thyme is just Katie and her employees from Rosie Rue that will sometimes assist her. Check out Rosie Rue for more details on this question! 

I love your work and am working on expanding my portfolio through a collaboration, would you like to join?

I LOVE collabs! Yes yes yes! Let me know the date and what you are looking for through instagram or email and we can see what we do! As far as pricing goes, usually I will do the cost of the florals without labor or markup if I feel like it is in line with my branding and a project I would want to work in and will be beneficial! Reach out to me and we can talk all the deets;)

What do you offer and what is your general pricing?

I offer top-notch amazing florals of course;) I currently am offering wedding florals unless specifically requested otherwise! As far as pricing goes, I have a general price guide that gives a very good idea of what I generally charge but keep in mind, I am mostly doing bigger budget weddings right now! 

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